Matt Garrett, a 58 year old man with very little adventure in his soul decides to take an uncharacteristic risk: a literal leap of faith, way outside his comfort zone and into an Arizona State Prison. Matt joins a group of men who agree to mentor soon to be released convicts and then assist them as they attempt to merge back into the free world. He assumes he will be working with some repentant forger or cat burglar. What he gets is John Light,28, the most feared and dangerous inmate allowed in the general prison population. John is nearing the end of a seven year stretch for aggravated assault. He is a loner, not affiliated with any gang or ethnic group. John simply doesn’t need back up. After a tumultuous and violent first year inside he no longer is challenged.


However, John has stunned the guards and inmates alike by declaring that he is now a Christian and has started attending a Bible study. Few believe it is for real. No one questions him about it.


Matt is his unlikely conduit back into society. And society is not happy to have him back. His pious father has disowned him. His mother has died. His former friends are either in jail, dead or involved in activities that will violate his patrol and his new way of living. And the very Christian community he longs to join is terrified of him. He looks more like a thug than a theologian.


And temptations abound. Matt’s daughter distrusts him. The wife abusing, jerk at the construction site is almost begging to be punched out. The gorgeous, leather clad woman in his apartment building desires him almost as much as he desires her. And he knows he is only one beer away from being the man he used to be.


His allies are Matt, Julio, his Spanish speaking Mexican-American coworker at a construction site, Grace, a nine year old girl who seems to always be watching him from afar and the good Lord Himself.


Warned by a jailhouse preacher on the day of his release, “You walk out that gate and you are walking into the Devil’s backyard. He is going to want you back John. He is gonna do everything he can to break your spirit. Don’t let him do it”.


Partnered with a man who has never thrown a punch in his life, John engages in the one battle that he cannot win on his own.

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