John Light film has partnered with Along Side Ministries to match hundreds of qualified inmates with faith-inspired online mentors. 


Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of an incarcerated man and woman.  

God does not despise the broken, nor should we.  Please consider becoming an online mentor with a prisoner waiting to hear from you.



Does your church have a prison ministry?  Matthew 25:36 gives us insight on God's heart for prison ministry.  "I was in prison and you came to visit me … "  

If Jesus were on earth today, we know we would find Him in the prisons, talking and dining with criminals and outcasts.

Please consider learning more about how your church can develop an effective prison ministry "to seek and save the lost."



Would you or your church consider sponsoring a movie night at a prison or local jail of the film John Light with accompanied copies of the film's study guides?

Each study guide is a biblical blueprint for those incarcerated and desiring a relationship with Christ.  

The idea is offering mentorship, but your church could really help in planting a seed.

Send me more information!  

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