• Jason Campbell

Dean Cain's newest film has a mission in starting 50 new church outreach prison ministries!

Updated: Jan 17

What part of - "I was in prison and you visited me" - do WE NOT understand?"

Actor Dean Cain is no stranger to law enforcement. In fact, Cain recently became a police officer in Idaho. In his new film, JOHN LIGHT, Cain plays a Parole Officer overseeing the release of one of Arizona's most dangerous repeat offenders, John Light.

That's the fast track synopsis of this amazing film, but the underlying message of JOHN LIGHT is that no life is beyond God's reach and that anyone if they make themselves available can make a difference in the lives of an incarcerated man and/or woman.

Now, the team behind the film is partnering with a Phoenix, AZ based prison outreach group called, Along Side Ministries (ASM). Together they have a goal in helping churches develop their own prison outreach programs.

"We have over 2 million people in our prisons with less than 6% of churches with any type of prison outreach ministry. We ask ourselves, what part of 'I was in prison and you visited me do we not understand?"

Since 1988, ASM has assisted men and women whom others see no value in, by helping them find their purpose in life with the goal of helping Christian brothers and sisters discover their Godly purpose while incarcerated.

Now, the goal is to replicate that ministry in churches all over America. To do that, JCFilms is offering FREE CHURCH SCREENINGS of the movie JOHN LIGHT with representatives from ASM and actors from the film to speak at these church screenings.

To learn how your church can host a free screening please visit or call Stephanie Bradley at 618-340-1176.


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